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Gas Plumbing Services in Los Angeles

GR Plumbing and Rooter proudly offers gas plumbing services for both natural and propane gas pipes. We offer a range of services that ensure the pipes on your commercial or residential property are working properly and up to local codes. 

Performing any service on a gas plumbing system is something that requires the proper skill and equipment, so do not try to address any issues on your own. Instead, rely on us for your property’s needs. 

Our licensed and insured gas plumbers serve customers throughout the Los Angeles metro area, including Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, and more. 

What Is a Gas Plumber?

Many people are familiar with plumbers, but not nearly as many know about gas plumbers. There are many similarities between the two areas of expertise.

Both install, repair, and perform maintenance on pipes that bring vital resources to your property, and both can work on pertinent appliances as well. 

The main difference between gas plumbers and others is in the name: gas plumbers work on gas pipes and have a unique knowledge of what your home needs to keep running and to be free of hazards.  

When Do You Need a Gas Plumber?

You could need the help of a gas plumber to perform any number of services on your property, from leak repairs to new pipe installation. 

At GR Plumbing and Rooter, our gas plumbing services in Los Angeles include: 

  • Repairing, installing, or performing maintenance on natural and propane gas pipes
  • Inspecting your gas lines to identify any potential issues and make sure your property is up to code
  • Servicing lines to appliances that use gas, such as water heaters, HVAC systems, furnaces, stoves, and others
  • Installing, inspecting, and repairing the earthquake valve that shuts off your gas supply when pipes crack or break because of seismic activity

Why Choose Us?

  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Small, Local Company
  • Free Estimates
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Clean & Professional

    "These guys found it almost immediately."

    - Josh B.
  • They were outstanding after looking and looking I finally found a great company to do the job thank you so much…

    "I just want everyone to know how professional and coordinate this company is they really went above and beyond and fixed my mothers plumbing and pipes situation. They were outstanding after looking and looking I finally found a great company to do the job thank you so much…"

    - Ondria A.
  • Gonzalo from GR Plumbing did a fantastic job by installing hot water heater in my home.

    "Gonzalo from GR Plumbing did a fantastic job by installing hot water heater in my home. He was quite professional in his appearance and talk. I like the way they worked and offered true customer service. He was asking me again and again if I need help with anything else, great company."

    - Sidney P.
  • Would definitely recommend these guys for plumbing jobs.

    "He sent out his technician to do the job for me. He removed the nut and the old cartridge, installed the new cartridge and saw that is was leaking, He then spent about 10 minutes cleaning out the calcium deposits in the line so the new cartridge fits snug "

    - Nicholas P.
  • GR Plumbing is the only company I will ever call.

    "There are a lot of plumbers in this city, and Gonsalo and his team are the only ones I trust. Gonsalo handled every aspect of the project with a very high level of professionalism, city permit approval, licensed and bonded."

    - Tara P.

Gas Leak Repairs 

What Are the Signs of a Gas Leak in Your Home?

If you notice any sign of dangerous leakages, evacuate your property and call us after notifying the gas company of the issue. 

The most common signs of a dangerous gas leak are:

  • The smell of rotten eggs
  • Hissing sounds around pipes
  • Air bubbles outside your home
  • Suddenly dead or dying plants inside or outside of your home
  • The physical symptoms of gas poisoning
  • Gas usage that is higher than normal

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we will come to your property as soon as possible and perform repairs. When our job is done, you can be sure that your gas pipes will be in perfect working order for the sake of your safety and your property’s energy efficiency. We offer same-day appointments for urgent gas pipe leaks. 

Safety Is Our Priority 

In our line of work, safety is always a concern, but this is especially true for gas plumbing. Anything from old pipes to those that have been installed improperly, can cause serious damage to a home, commercial building, and the people who are near or inside. To ensure your safety, we have taken the necessary steps to become licensed and insured, which means you can trust that we have the proper training to safely perform our services. We also have a knowledge of state and local codes and always work with respect to them.

You might think that you can perform a quick repair or pipe installation on your own, but we strongly advise against this. The stakes are high with gas plumbing, and performing repairs or maintenance requires specialized training and on-the-job experience. For your safety, you should only trust a professional. Connect with GR Plumbing and Rooter today and get a free estimate for your gas plumbing service in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas.

The experienced Los Angeles gas plumbers at GR Plumbing are here to help when you have a gas leak. Contact us online or call (323) 629-8413


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