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Get your pipe in shape to survive severe cold.

To avoid frozen pipes watch your water pressure this time of year because the first sign of a frozen pipe is restricted water flow.  If you notice this, be sure to act quickly and call a professional. Close crawl space vents and garage doors, especially if your water heater is in the garage. Let cold water trickle from your faucets, slightly smaller than a pencil’s width, during the evening when the temperature is the coldest. This helps prevent freezing as moving water does not freeze.

How to Maintain and Prevent Problems
Once a month, boil a few gallons of water and carefully pour it down the sink. Boiled water is significantly hotter than tap water and it will help dissolve soapy, greasy materials that are coating the walls of your pipes.

Utility Room
Closing and reopening the water faucets that supply the washer each month is a good idea, especially if you have hard water. Otherwise they may bind up and not be able to be closed when needed, or leak at intermediate positions.

Hot Water Heater
All water heaters should be frequently checked for leaks. It's important to check the pipe connections, the valves and underneath the unit. Simple preventive maintenance will help you avoid lasting damage from a leaking water heater. Your water heater consumes energy! If your water heater is larger than you need, you may be spending more money on gas than necessary. But of course if your water heater is too small, you may run out of hot water during peak use periods.

Noisy Pipes
Pipe noises range from loud hammering sounds to high-pitched squeaks. The causes may be loose pipes, water logged air chambers, or water pressure that's too high. Anchoring exposed pipes is a simple solution; other remedies such as anchoring pipes concealed inside walls, floors or ceilings, may call for a professional.

About 80-85% of energy used for washing clothes is for heating the water.

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