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It's easy to take a toilet for granted--at least until something goes wrong with it. But when a toilet threatens to overflow, runs incessantly, or leaks onto the floor, we gain a full appreciation of what it means to have it working properly.

A clogged or leaky toilet can be a home owner’s biggest headache. When the toilet is not repaired quickly it puts us into crisis mode. A leaky toilet tank or a clogged toilet are not only a big inconvenience but can also be costing you money literally down the drain.

It is important that you make sure that everyone in your home knows exactly what is appropriate to flush, and what is not.

Talk to us find out exactly what will clog a toilet, so that you know what items you need to throw in the garbage. Keep your animals and small children away from the toilet, with a child-safety lock-this will prevent a problem from occurring.

Let our plumbers fix your leaky or clogged toilet today:

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