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Gas and Water Leaks

Gas Leaks
Plumbing problems are never fun, but these unfortunate events can be even more frightening when they involve a dangerous element like gas. Gas leaks are dangerous! If you suspect a gas leak, do not use any electrical appliances, switches, or other devices. Gas line repair requires a professional.

Leaking gas increases the risk of not only fire but also carbon monoxide poisoning. Our plumbing technicians can isolate leaks in your gas system to verify that your home is safe for you and your family. Once all repairs have been made, a pressure test can verify that all leaks both within the walls and crawl spaces have been corrected.

Water Leaks
Running toilets, burst pipes, dripping faucets and slab leaks are common plumbing flood emergencies that waste gallons of water and thousands of dollars in structural damage. Prompt leak detection and repair will conserve gallons of water and save expensive water related repairs.

Think you have a leak? Contact us for help.

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