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Problems with your sink and tub faucets can include water spits, screeching faucet, squeaky handles, and low water pressure.

If the water spits from your faucet, most likely trouble is a clogged aerator. This is the screw-on screen that covers your faucet mouth. To fix the problem all you need to do is remove the aerator and flush out any lime or mineral deposits. Once the screen is clear, reattach it.

Screeching faucets? Chances are that the screeching sound you hear is due to the older washer. Luckily for you, these can be replaced with an inexpensive kit found at any local hardware store.

A squeaking handle could be a result of worn faucet stem threads. For an easy fix, remove the faucet handle and coat the threads with plumber's grease.

If you are not getting enough water pressure, in some cases, cleaning out the aerator fixes this but you can also try removing the faucet fixture and cleaning out any debris or calcium deposits.

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