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Plumbing emergencies are no laughing matter. Gas leaks, furnaces and water heaters all pose a serious danger to their owners if they are not maintained regularly. Our experts specialize in meeting all of your maintenance needs and are ready to provide 24 hour emergency services.  If you need to schedule an appointment with a plumber, we are ready and available to assist.

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GR-Plumbing offers a wide variety of plumbing and sewer services for the Glendale area. Our plumbers can handle any variety of leaks, drains, broken valves and installations.

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When disaster strikes and you need to contact a plumber, always bear in mind our customer-first vision. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and our experts will work tirelessly to solve any plumbing problem you may have. Don't hire an inexperienced plumber who undercuts quality; come to us for great service at competitive prices. We don't just operate in the glendale area, many of our associates call Glendale home!

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Our service area includes West Hollywood and all neighboring cities. (323) 899-4216

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